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Batrak was borne from a desire to provide the best systems and support within the field of fleet management; providing high tech solutions but at a cost which would make them a realistic option rather than just a ‘wish list’ luxury. We are a small independent company with over 30 years of specific industry experience, capitalising on the advances made in both hardware and software technology and applying good, old-fashioned reliable service. Our independence is our main strength as it ensures that we remain free to research and source what we believe to be the very best equipment and systems available in the marketplace. This freedom to choose, in conjunction with our immense knowledge and experience in installing and utilising vehicle systems, means that we can provide and configure exactly what our clients need to efficiently manage their fleet. In our desire to always remain at the forefront of our industry we take training and development very seriously. Not only are we a CAT 5 approved installer of Cobra and Scorpion systems but we are also a Thatcham recognised installation company. In addition we have been honoured with the sole rights to supply the highly regarded E-Drive Technologies equipment across the UK. Our central base in the East Midlands puts us in the perfect location to service the whole of the UK and this is further enhanced by a network of regionally-based installation and support teams. Remote assistance is of course always on hand but for those who prefer the more personal touch we are always happy to accommodate with an on-site visit.

Our products and services

The systems which we are most commonly asked to provide are:-

The options within each of the above system types are numerous, from simple tracking to comprehensive and detailed fleet management. We always start with a full discussion and analysis of your exact needs (including any future plans) before we will recommend the solution which we believe will work most effectively for you. We are always happy to demonstrate the range of options applicable to your specific operation and let you see live examples of what is currently being achieved elsewhere to ensure that you are entirely confident in your choice of system and of course confident in us as your supplier! Regardless of which system is being utilised it will be backed up by our unrivalled service commitment, ensuring that you realise the full potential from your equipment and that it continues to deliver up to, and beyond, your expectations.