HGV on Motorway

Mobile CCTV Cameras

Why use mobile CCTV cameras? In the past we would most probably be thinking predominantly of improving the visibility for the driver around the extremities of their vehicle. The removal of blind spots and enhanced focus on the more remote areas undoubtedly increases the safety of both the driver and others in the vicinity when a tricky manoeuvre is being undertaken. Sadly, in current times the use of cameras is as much for the protection of the driver and the company they represent as for the technical assistance they provide. Incidents of so-called ‘road rage’ and staged accidents introduce the possibility of a driver being put in a position where a ‘your word against mine’ type of situation arises. Front-facing and cab cameras can provide the essential evidence to show exactly what occurred during any particular event. What can be achieved:-

  • 360 degree visibility regardless of vehicle size and type
  • Interactive camera assistance linked to specific manoeuvres (e.g. right turn safety)
  • Live streaming of feed from in-vehicle CCTV
  • Real-time monitoring of cab display
  • Recording of events both ahead of and behind vehicle
  • Driver communication via a 2 way voice channel
  • 24 hour vehicle and contents protection