Mobile Cameras and CCTV

So I just happened to see a report on BBC’s Breakfast News earlier this week about the increase in the use of in-car (dashboard) cameras. The article covered the man reasons why drivers were now choosing to install this kit and indeed showed some examples of where the footage turned out to be invaluable in providing evidence of various events. Now I know from experience – and actually from many chats down the pub with all sorts of drivers through the years – that there’s a real mixed opinion about the use of cameras in the car. Some feel that their use is just another distraction from driving and could therefore be dangerous. Others don’t think they’ve ever had a situation where a camera would have helped. The piece on the news (and lots of other printed articles elsewhere) talk about drivers having recorded people breaking the law or even having provided useful info for plane crashes and the like. OK, these kinds of things might be highly unlikely to happen on your daily commute and you probably wouldn’t be interested in getting involved even if they did. But instances of things like planned shunts for insurance scams or even just bad road use from cyclists, other motorists and pedestrians which you might otherwise come off the worst from do mean that a dashboard cam might be worth considering. There may even be a financial saving in the form of reduced insurance premiums. We’ve installed camera systems for a whole load of people and their reasons have been very different, mostly thought all the reasons are connected to security in one way or another. If you’d like to have a bit more information on the options open to the average private driver and want to see first-hand whether it’s for you then give Batrak a call and we’ll give you the facts to help you with your decision.